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It’s Called a Coalition

July 2, 2011

• The State exists to protect the means of production and the centers of wealth.
(nothing new there)

• The two Parties act together as a coalition to run the affairs of the State.
(now, that’s avant-garde)

• They compete for dominance within the coalition.

• The reward for ‘winning’ an election is increased cash flow through your channel of influence.

• The punishment for ‘losing’ an election is (simply) decreased cash flow through your channel of influence.
(No one is executed, sent to the gulag, or even impoverished. just less money. so civilized.)

Ramifications of this theory:

• No revolutionary change is possible through the electoral process (duh).

• Elections do matter as matters of domestic administrative detail. (i.e. Democrats are not likely to enact draconian laws on women’s reproductive health, etc.)

• No third parties will successfully develop, but the coalition members may change their shape, according to social taste (fashion).

• No single powerful leader will take authoritative power. An executive attempting to seize such power will not survive. (unless the power of the coalition is severely weakened so that it loses its grip on the electoral/state machinery. This is highly unlikely. No More Stalins, No More Hitlers)

• No substantive changes in foreign policy will occur. The interests of the State remain the interests of the State.

• No substantive domestic changes will occur (i.e. universal health care) unless the coalition is forced through social action to implement some measure, usually just enough to diffuse the social action (see Obamacare).

• There is no measure of morality to be applied to the affairs of the State. It functions as a leviathan.


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