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Ah Pook and the Internet Gods of Gold

December 5, 2010

Two odd videos were posted today by separate FB friends, strangely related by the common theme of ‘threat by unseen forces causes mayhem’; The Madness of a Lost Society and, from a completely different worldview, Flash Mob Gone Wrong.

Lindsey Williams

The ‘Madness’ case, set on Black Friday in a shopping mall near you, crazed consumers mindlessly rush for discount holiday bargains. “Is this what we’ve become? How many of them have an ounce of silver in their possession?” In this story we have the familiar tale of populace as the dupe of hidden elites, who control the money supply, the energy supply, the media feed, the food supply; you get the picture. Doing the trackback on this video, we get straightaway to Pastor Lindsey Williams whose message is, surprise! Elites control the money supply, the energy supply, the media feed, the food supply, the Devil’s Messiah is coming within two years and you’ll get no supper, etc. Will YOU be prepared when the masses can’t get what they want? Owning silver, plenty of ammo and some vegetables is your best defense.

In the Flash Mob case, which is told as a piece of clever fiction but is nonetheless a depiction of our information-only reality, a flashmob develops through a series of coincidental connections and ends up as a riot that leaves a couple dozen dead in a peaceful London suburb. The unseen force in this case is the ‘butterfly effect’ operating on human beings via the web, and since we’re completely unable to control our behavior, or are controlled by matrix-like hidden programs, mayhem ensues.

William S. Burroughs

To work as plausible stories, both of these scenarios rely on the primary fear of something unknown, lurking, waiting to destroy us and our homeland as we know it. An infantile fear of monsters, but effective nonetheless.

Fear of ignorant mobs made crazy by hidden overlords, or the violent mob brought together by hidden technology, the result is the same: isolation and separation, a search for psychological safety.

Ah Pook is Here. Suicide is inevitable.

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